Before you book
Where will my photo session happen?
Your choice! (And if you're not sure, hit me up, and I'll help you make the decision.)
Some options include your home or office (most suitable option for headshot sessions), a local park or garden, or even your local downtown.
How far will you travel?
I'm able and willing to go pretty much anywhere. 🌎 (It really just depends on the dates.)
My standard session fee includes travel to locations up to 25 miles driving distance away from zip code 10916. Additional travel fees will apply for any locations further away than that.
*If your desired location is more than 25 miles away, contact me for more information before booking.
What if the location I want needs a permit?
For locations that require one, you're responsible for procuring the permit, including covering any fees that may incur from the location. If you're not sure or need help figuring out what to do, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction, or we can figure out an alternate, permit-free location together!

What to expect after your session
What type of edits are included?
Your proofing gallery will include photos from your session that have been color corrected in my style of clean editing.
Your images get my standard round of light retouching. Examples include: removing obvious blemishes and/or brightening teeth.
Cosmetic edits are not included and, if requested, will incur an additional fee, starting at $50 per image. These include things that materially change the way a subject looks, including but not limited to adjusting body shape, changing hair or eye color, etc.

How long until I can see the photos from my session?
I'll have your photo gallery ready for viewing (and downloading) within 5-7 business days!
Can I order prints through you?
Yes! When you're logged into your private photo gallery, you'll be able to order high-quality prints direct from a professional photo lab used and trusted by pro photographers.
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